Taiji (Tai Chi) for Health and Relaxation

West Berkshire

Taijiquan practise has great benefits on health and relaxation. It improves balance, strength, coordination, suppleness, as well as reduces back pain, stimulates circulation and promotes general wellbeing.

The two hour class is as follows: We start with a gentle warm up session addressing all joints thoroughly, follow by ‘standing’ (Zhan Zhuang), a Qigong (Chi Kung) exercise, and end with Flowing Arms exercises. Other detailed exercises may be practised such as Soft Pushing Hands with a partner, Taiji Walk or Silk Reeling.

After a short break, the second hour is dedicated to learning and practising the movements of the Form: Laojia Yi Lu.

Wear comfortable clothing and secure flat, non slippery shoes.

Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) is suitable for and benefits everyone, all welcome.

Residential Home Classes

Classes last 30 – 45 minutes and are much slower and gentler aimed at the needs of senior citizens. The classes address balance through simple weight transfer exercises, joints and finish with some invigorating patting and stepping to stimulate the flow of circulation, stimulation of nerve endings and bone growth.


2 responses to “About

  1. patrick

    I find this page, most interesting !! most unusual to find such magnificent guide on these themes lately here !! our most sincere congratulations !! please keep on the good work !!!

    • Ana Maria

      … I am wordless after watching Master Chen’s presentation. It is mesmerizing !!! Beauty as the harmonious dance of Nature itself. Yin and Yang. I am just saddened by not having a place like taijinewbury’s Taiji for Health and Relaxation in Minneapolis, MN, with a teacher with such an extensive experience and credentials. Perhaps one day …
      I honor your willingness to share such wisdom bringing to our lives a feeling of tranquil joy, body and mind harmony, communion with the One. With gratitude !!!

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